Villa holiday rental » Villa with swimming pool rental in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Bali, Dominican Republic.

General conditions

General conditions for sales

Villas du Monde Global Sl is a transparent proxy for the owners of properties and their agents around the world. We faithfully produce descriptions based on the information provided by the owners and agents on our website and visit all of the properties. We accept full responsibility for the property descriptions and photographs.

Specific booking conditions and insurance conditions

The prices shown on our web site listings represent the property rental per week in euro (sterling rates are shown as a guide only, a converter is available for you to see a close on the day exchange rate). The price is per property and is not dependant on the number of occupants, which can be up to the published sleeping capacity. No travel, car hire, holiday insurance or any other components are included in the price.
Prices include : All inherent utility and maintenance costs: water, electricity, gas, pool products and gardening, but not house heating in the low season (outside July & August) with a few exceptions (detailed on villa description). Our booking fee and taxes (with some exceptions detailed on villa description) are also included. In many cases linen is provided, but sometimes at a supplement. Details of any local charges, local taxes and linen supplements are shown on the notes below each property description and on your booking confirmation.
Prices do not include : Pool heating, telephone charges (if applicable), taxes de sejour (tourist tax usually 1 per person per day), cancellation insurance, travel, air conditioning (unless specified), excessive utility consumption or house heating in low season (outside July and August).

Change-over day : Change-over day is Saturday with the exception of some villas in Corsica which change-over on Sundays and Crete which change-over on Tuesdays and Costa Brava where some change-over on Friday.
Arrival and departure times : You must vacate the accommodation during the morning of the day of departure between 08.00 and 10.00 (unless otherwise stated on the property description) to enable cleaning to be completed prior to the arrival of new guests. Your arrival time should between 17.00 and 19.00 (unless otherwise stated on the property description). Your arrival information which will include directions to the property will be sent to you approximately 14 days before your holiday start date.

You need to leave the villa in the same state of cleanliness as you found it when you arrived. Please be vigilant to check the property is clean on arrival and similarly when you leave. In some instances a final cleaning charge is required, mainly for the larger properties, this is detailed in the notes below the property description and on your confirmation. Occasionally there are other local charges, which are also detailed on the notes section of the villa description and on your confirmation.

The vast majority of our properties have been visited at least once by our staff.
The descriptions (as per the law of 16th May 1967) supplied by the owners / agents are accurately transformed into the descriptions on our website. If despite the care taken to ensure accuracy the description is in any way incorrect or misleading due to an omission in the information supplied by the owner / agent Villas du Monde can not be held responsible.
Similarly, as an intermediary, Villas du Monde shall not be responsible for any changes to the rental property or its surroundings which have not been brought to our attention prior to the date of booking or the date of arrival at the property.

Only the number of adults and children specified on your holiday confirmation are permitted to stay in the property. Should your party exceed the published sleeping capacity or indeed exceed number of adults and children specified on the confirmation you risk being refused access to the property and forfeiting your payment or having to pay a supplementary charge at the discretion of the owner or agent. Local communities expect certain standards of behaviour, you and your party are required to observe them.

Animals can only be accepted where their presence has been requested and accepted in writing before the holiday. In the event of non compliance the owner reserves the right to refuse entry to the property.

For properties with private and shared pools, these are generally available for use from 1 June until 30 September. For holidays beginning mid May or earlier a supplement might be required to pay for early pool activation costs should the owners accept to open the swimming pool. If you are travelling outside the specified dates you must verify whether the pool will be available.

An obligatory security deposit will be required by the key-holder before you are allowed access to the property. The key-holder has the right to refuse entry to the property if you fail to provide the requisite deposit. The deposit will be returned to you at the latest 10 days after your departure. Deductions will be made from the deposit for any utility charges due or breakages, loss or damage incurred during your stay. Security deposit amounts and payment method are detailed in the notes under each property description and on your confirmation. We recommend that you are vigilant during your stay and report any breakages immediately. You are entirely responsible for returning the villa in the same condition as you found it when you arrived and must have adequate insurance to cover any substantial breakages. Villas du Monde, as an intermediary, does not intervene in any way with security deposits and cannot be held in any way responsible for matters arising from them. In the event of excess damage or disturbance we reserve the right to terminate your stay without any recourse or liability. Occasionally, when detailed on the villa description, further security against damages is required.

1/ Cancellations
In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your booking a recorded delivery letter or email from the party leader will be required, once received the cancellation becomes effective.
Cancellation % of total holiday cost according to number of days before departure when your cancellation letter is received.

2/ Cancellation penalties
If you cancel over 45 days before arrival at the property the cancellation charges will be 30% of the property rental.
If you cancel between 45 and 30 days before arrival at the property the cancellation charges will be 50% of the property rental.
If you cancel within 30 days of arrival at the property the cancellation charges will be 100% of the property rental.

Villas du Monde acts as a transparent proxy for local agencies in the countries in which properties are supplied in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia) and countries outside the EEC (Indonesia, Africa, Caribbean etc). All the prices are in Euros, including the rentals, charges and local taxes. The prices shown do not include any additional services other than the property rental as shown on the website. Rental contracts made in these countries are always made in the name of Villas du Monde.

If you wish to make a complaint about the substantial qualities of your rental, you should contact the owner / manager and / or correspondent on site.

In case of dispute, you must also inform us by telephone within 72 hours of your arrival. To be taken into consideration, this complaint must imperatively be followed by a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt sent within 4 days of your arrival. After this period (maximum of 6 days) no complaint will be considered. This complaint will be immediately forwarded to the correspondent or local owner and we will inform you of its response. In the absence of a solution, the only competent court is that of the province of Alicante, Spain, whatever the reason for the dispute. Villas du Monde acting in the name and on behalf of the owners, its liability can only be incurred on the sole hypothesis that it voluntarily (and) mistakenly transcribes inaccurate information that would substantially change the reality of the holiday rental property proposed.