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Villas du Monde has specialized in holiday rentals in Europe for over 20 years, in France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal...and more recently in Croatia and the French Caribbean.

In France, Villas du Monde has a network of agents who seek out the right sort of villas, chateau, chalets and apartments, visiting and selecting throughout the year. Our head office personnel regularly visit the properties. There are no intermediaries between the owners and Villas du Monde for properties in France. In Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Croatia and the French Caribbean, there are agencies as well as private owners. The agency staff visit the properties regularly each year. In the various other countries Villas du Monde work with agencies as well as private owners. In the various other countries Villas du Monde work with agencies as well as private owners.

Villas du is a site and brand of World Villa Rent SASU-22/24 rue de Beauregard 37210 Rochecorbon, France.
Publications and specific data on villas, chalets and apartments are under the full and sole responsibility of Villas du Monde .

To streamline its business throughout Europe, All owners and tenants contracts are managed globally by the company Global Villas World Sl - 21 Avenue de Paris - 03730 Javea - Alicante - Spain, RCS B54624952 and subjected to Spanish property regulation, completely similar to European legal requirements and therefore French, Italian, Portuguese relating to real estate brokerage. The whole business is managed by a French team, it has a representative office in France: 259 rue Saint Honoré 75001 Paris (appointment and mailing address), siren 788 799 518.

Free green number: 00 33 800 800 565

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ACCOUNT HOLDER : Villas du Monde Global Sl
IBAN : FR76 1820 6003 8065 0004 5975 033
(*) The only product that Villas du Monde sells to its customers, purchasable on its website and in its offices, is a holiday rental. It is equipped villa rental for your vacation ... with the exception of any provision of transport or other. It is the owner who maintains the property in good order, ensures smooth running, the cleanliness of the pool etc. Villas du Monde never acts in it's own name, regardless of the country of destination: always acting on behalf and for the owners or local agents under renewable contracts each year, in accordance with the law. It's fees are included in the sale price, as agreed by the private owners or agents. This shall be entered on each property description, below the price and on the first page of our website. For obvious privacy reasons, the addresses are not shown on the website: however all documents we issue to our customers upon booking: contract, voucher, receipt acknowledgment of payment ... clearly bear the name and address of each owner or agents for whom we act. Finally Villas du Monde regularly audits and inspects, as the law requires, the villas, chalets and apartments it offers on its website, it then faithfully transcribes details of each property (see generals conditions).