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Katherine - 2018-09-18
pll1610 - les pitchounes
As a large family party with specific needs (child-friendly and secure swimming pool, a large number of bedrooms and bathrooms) we were keen to find and book a holiday villa a year and a half beforehand to ensure we had a suitable property. Peter was extremely helpful in helping us book so far in advance ( 15 months) and securing the price. We found the booking process through Villas du Monde very easy and straightforward and all email enquiries were responded to within a few days. Communication after our stay was also very good. You do get the feeling that this is a more 'hands-on' company rather than a large organisation. A very positive experience.

Patrice - 2018-09-18
COT802 - Vallée verte
The site overall is well done but it lacks filters on the budget range and it would be nice to do research on several areas at the same time: example listed Azur + south-west + Catalonia.

It is sometimes very interesting in the choice to make an aerial visualization of the rented property to appreciate its location, proximities and real surfaces because the photos are sometimes deceptive.

Very good to mention the dimensions of the pools.

It would be good to include the cleaning package or other additional charges in the rent to avoid unpleasant surprises when receiving the contract proposals.

Isabelle - 2018-09-17
The site is very good, I just think there are not enough filters at the start so searches are quite long. Apart from that, it is easily understandable.

Caroline - 2018-09-15
SPA623 AL933 - Tabo 1
Website easy to use. Photo was misleading with regards to pool in villa which looked as if was at back of property not the front which it was.

Not sure correct in saying free phone service. Not our experience. Questions responded to quite quickly.

Sean - 2018-09-14
I did not make much use of the website

Jan - 2018-09-14
NAT6 - La petite Toulousaine
Website is easy to use, description of property was clear and accurate.

Your free phone service was useful, with help provided to try and make payment.

Philippe - 2018-09-13
PLL1011 - Lilia
Very serious site and communication at the top, I recommend +++++++++++
We were very satisfied, the villa matched the description

Sylvie - 2018-09-11
B921 - Nouvelles vagues
It's clear, precise, fast and easy to validate. Very good telephone reception.

Cedric - 2018-09-10
Quick booking, the site could be more modern but the information is present.

Felix - 2018-09-09
BONITA66 - Bonnieux

Greg - 2018-09-09
STO202 - Thesoa
Easy website to navigate. Plenty of properties to choose from.
Photos depicted the villa as we found it
Easy to contact the man in charge of our booking when we had a query

Michelle - 2018-09-07
GOC1401 - Elena
We were looking for a villa for 17 people. Some of the party were singles so I found the bedroom layout information on the Villas du Monde website invaluable. I couldn’t quite find the right property on the right dates for us so contacted VdM by email and received great assistance from Peter which led to us booking Villa Elena in Greece. Questions and payment acknowledgements were dealt with promptly and the paperwork was clear and professional. I would definitely use Villas du Monde again.

Brigitte - 2018-09-07
SUN1025 - Famanito
Easy booking and always perfect reception at the agency.

Pascale - 2018-09-06
The photos on your site conform with the reality.

Stephane - 2018-09-04
sun670 - Mia
A team that perfectly follows its customers whether on the phone or on the spot..bravo.

Cecile - 2018-09-03
sun1029 - Christophe
I will recommend the website Villas du monde because I had only professional people either on the phone or by email. People listening to customers, who respond quickly to questions asked them. The photos of the rental reflected the reality. The only downside, it would be nice to have more filters when looking for a property otherwise don't change anything!
We will holiday again without hesitation with Villas du Monde.

Kevin - 2018-09-03
B981 - Les tropiques
Web site is quite dated and the 'my booking' area lacks functionality - just a download place really.
Paying the balance was hard work, yes problems with my card taking the foreign transaction but why can I not do this online rather than calling.

Agnès - 2018-09-03
apa601 - café del mar
We are satisfied with Villas du Monde.

Fatima - 2018-09-03
sun609 - La Constancia
Nice site, friendly, reassuring. Quick replies to sent emails. The customer service very pleasant and attentive to my research.

Vincent - 2018-08-31
GCP204 - À pied de la plage de Stoupa
Website very well done
Description is clear and representative of the house

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