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Villas du Monde
We believe the customer is king and our sole objective is to provide consistent satisfaction, your review will help us achieve that goal for our website, booking process and reservation documents as well as improve our property selection and service in resort.

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Anne - 2018-07-16
sun850 - Casali
Site very well done and photos conform to reality
My inquiries were dealt with quickly even though I had several contacts
Clear holiday folder
To recommend

Maryvonne - 2018-07-11
sun1029 - Christophe
No problem, answers to questions were fast.

Jean-marc - 2018-07-09
SUN435 - La siesta
Nice site and easy to consult.
Pleasant welcome on the phone.
Our request by email has been processed but unfortunately, it was not possible for us to obtain the villa (Lolita) initially reserved because the owner wanted to occupy it, but Margot offered us another villa "La Siesta".
Very serious follow-up.

Jean-marc - 2018-07-07
apa1016 - Blanca
Villas du Monde is a very serious company in all respects. A very good reception was reserved for me. I was directed immediately towards what I was looking for. The information given was clear and precise. The fact of being able to telephone is a big plus.

Anja - 2018-07-04
BONITA66 - Bonnieux
good website. good information on the house.
Phone service NA

Stephanie - 2018-07-01
pll1612 - Quinta Sesimbra
No problems with the website, and I spoke to Peter a couple of times who was very helpful.

Lynda - 2018-06-29
Easy to use. Prompt helpful response. Booking was easy and everything went smoothly. Would definitely book with company again

Suchan - 2018-06-26
GOC1401 - Elena
We were really satisfied with Villas du Monde, because our manager was helpful and answered quickly on questions.

Jean-marc - 2018-06-21
COMTC64 - Proche cala rossa
Defect: 3 bedrooms, 3 couples and only 2 WC, one adjoining 1 bedroom: bad disposition.


Bernard - 2018-06-17
paa810 - Front de mer
The site of Villas du Monde is serious and professional. The team is attentive, we have always received the answers to our questions quickly. The photos correspond to the reality of the villa.
I recommend and will not hesitate to return to them for another vacation.

Monique - 2018-06-11
BG12 - Près sarzeau
Friendly site
Contact by phone is a good facility ... and always welcome "smiling"

Steve - 2018-06-08
Website is ok. Needs a consultant like me to make it great.

Jane - 2018-06-08
B727 - Grand cottage
yes and yes.The website was fine

Vincent - 2018-06-05
sun601 - Junta
Very good.

Isabelle - 2018-05-26
B981 - Les tropiques
Nothing to add, the payment is taken automatically and therefore no need to think about it after booking.
Very easily reachable and very kind on the telephone.

Marie - 2018-05-26
pll2001 - Acasias
The photos are true to the reality. The website and the Villas du Monde contact people are easily accessible. Pleasant to book this rental.

Stephane - 2018-05-18
VID24 - La chatronnie
Congratulations on the quality of service.
The telephone reception and the follow-up are serious, the presentation of the houses conforms to the reality.
Possible improvement: the creation of a permanent customer area, which allows finding details of past and future rentals.

Otherwise, congratulations on this independent site, out of the big brands.

Stéphane Boursier

Nicolas - 2018-05-13
SUN738 - Teresa
A search by price would be a useful addition to the website.

Antonio - 2018-05-09
pll1018 - ADONI
Yes very satisfied as Villas du Monde solved the problem about the admission of a small dog to this villa as the owner authorizes dogs on the site and after confirmation, he no longer wanted to. You did the maximum and we were able to take the small dog THANK YOU to Villas du Monde.

Maryline - 2018-05-07
Following my reservation. I sent an email that has not been answered. ..I ended up calling your services which to my pleasant surprise resulted in a very nice reception.

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