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Villas du Monde
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Stephane - 2018-05-18
VID24 - La chatronnie
Congratulations on the quality of service.
The telephone reception and the follow-up are serious, the presentation of the houses conforms to the reality.
Possible improvement: the creation of a permanent customer area, which allows finding details of past and future rentals.

Otherwise, congratulations on this independent site, out of the big brands.

Stéphane Boursier

Nicolas - 2018-05-13
SUN738 - Teresa
A search by price would be a useful addition to the website.

Antonio - 2018-05-09
pll1018 - Villa ADONI
Yes very satisfied as Villas du Monde solved the problem about the admission of a small dog to this villa as the owner authorizes dogs on the site and after confirmation, he no longer wanted to. You did the maximum and we were able to take the small dog THANK YOU to Villas du Monde.

Maryline - 2018-05-07
Following my reservation. I sent an email that has not been answered. ..I ended up calling your services which to my pleasant surprise resulted in a very nice reception.

Vincent - 2018-04-30
Very good.

Yves - 2018-04-30
GOC1401 - Elena
To tell you our great satisfaction.

Helena - 2018-04-09
pll1610 - les pitchounes
The website is pleasing, fairly easy to manage, houses have an adequate number of photos and text is OK. However I prefer a more convencional approach of communication, through emails usually. I felt completely lost for some months not knowing where the house was or even if I really was renting one. I think some specific information about the house should be provided earlier perhaps when full amount is paid. At the end of the process Mr Eusébio was very helpful being available on the phone all the time.

Natalie - 2018-03-15
Thank you so much, you have been great! Hopefully, we can do something again in the very near future.

Sophie - 2018-01-14
B915 - Gil
Excellent in every way.

Olivier - 2017-11-16
PLL1001 - Nemo
Serious site, good processing of the booking.

Nicolas - 2017-11-08
Good answers when we asked questions.

Catherine - 2017-11-04
pll2001 - Acasias
The Villas du Monde site is well done.
Clear and precise contract: no surprises
Pictures corresponding to reality.
Margo Catalfo responds very quickly to the questions asked and tries to find solutions.

Ragnhild - 2017-10-23
APA1401 - Sea and Country
Find it a little bit hard to easy find out what is available where at what time. How to do good search.

Felix - 2017-10-19
BONITA66 - Bonnieux
Everything was excellent. I had made a request on Friday afternoon for a stay from Sunday morning, I received two offers Saturday lunch, your team corresponded with me for the next 4 hours and left on Sunday morning. Great!

Fabrice - 2017-10-10
SUN455 - Arnau
Very good, I recommend Villa du Monde.

Daniel - 2017-10-08
SUN921 - Ruisenores
Very good quality services - responsiveness, availability, no unpleasant surprises on the rental contract and the services offered - Reception of the local agency also of very high quality - availability, friendliness...

Frederic - 2017-10-07
SUN634 - Hermosa
Super agency, efficient, available, tuned, flexible, reactive, and much more.
Thank you for the clarity of the information and your organization.

Michelle - 2017-09-26
RP1001 - Grand piscine avec plage Les Alpilles
Web site was good and booking process simple. Subsequent emails re final payment and contacting owner / directions to location prior to arrival easy to follow. Only comment, property description not entirely accurate. There is no upper floor, all rooms on one level. Master bedroom ensuite has no toilet and therefore only two toilets in main house. There is no table tennis table. Owner lives in annex attached to property. This made little material difference to us as a family of 6 using 3 bedrooms.

Jean-marc et mo - 2017-09-25
Site reassuring and easy to use. Additional information could be added regarding for example. : Vacuum cleaner, household equipment (beaters, kettle, etc ...)

Jean-pierre - 2017-09-24
SUN640 - Azzulero
Excellent service according to the description, as usual, with a very competent staff.

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