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Villas du Monde
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Carole - 2017-09-21
VID24 - La chatronnie
Quick reply

George - 2017-09-20
STO301 - Ambassadeur
A very clear site with many details and excellent made. Trustful.

Afsana - 2017-09-19
SUN827 - Viena
This is our 2nd time using Villas Du Monde and again excellent service provided by the team. Leading up to the holiday and during they were always on hand. Any questions we had were answered in a quick and efficient manner. The website is true to their pictures of the villa. The information provided on the website is also correct.

Gilles - 2017-09-19
VER601 - Moli de l'aleixar 20806
As for the photos, it would have been desirable to show the buildings that overlooked our rental, a lack of seclusion not ideal for holidays.

Rachel - 2017-09-15
COT802 - Vallée verte
Easy to use website with lots of photos
Emailed with a couple of questions and Peter was brilliant with quick response and lots of excellent local knowledge

Lisa - 2017-09-14
CHB711 - Les Tilleuls
I'm just happy to have called on your services. Halima that I had on the phone and by email was very friendly, fast and efficient!
I was very apprehensive about booking through the internet but you reassured me so I will be back.
The website is ergonomic, and I found in just a few clicks what we wanted.
I received the emails with a password, delivery of keys, contract ...

To conclude quickly; I am more than satisfied with all your services and contact with your team!
Sure I would go through you again!
Thanks again!


Suzanne - 2017-09-10
Poa899 - On the sea
Very welcoming. Quick answers. Friendly and reassuring website. Good followup.

Philippe - 2017-09-10
VZ4 - Vergeze
Staff very friendly on the phone and adequate answers, warm welcome and very available.

Karine - 2017-09-10
Staff provide information fairly quickly. We are thinking of renting again through your agency. But surely another house than the one that we rented which was disappointing compared to the pictures and site description (much smaller rooms), insufficient air conditioning despite not very hot outside temperatures.

Michel - 2017-09-09
SUN712 - Roncade
Site serious and effective
Accurate description
Contact. Easy.

Pauline - 2017-09-09
AFR815 - Rapanui
No problems at all.

Pascal - 2017-09-09
L399 - Pierres du Lot

Nathalie - 2017-09-06
ORA810 - Proche oraison
No problems. The site is very professional like the everything else.
Contact by phone and mainly by mail: rapidity of response friendliness and competence of my interlocutors.
Very good contact and simple and effective exchanges with my main contact: Eric
A small improvement can be: put legends under the photos (ground floor room, bedroom 1st floor ...) which would have allowed us to better locate ourselves and to be able to distribute the rooms beforehand.

M-hachemi - 2017-09-05
sun871 - Tosalia
Very quickly: SITE SIMPLE ACCESSIBLE fairly convivial, the photos must be well documented

  free phone: ++
  pleasant and smiling welcome - clear information

  request by email: quick reply
  Did you get satisfaction in your email exchanges: yes
  quick booking,
Have you been completely reassured about the seriousness and the follow-up of Villas du Monde? Yes

Virginie - 2017-09-05
sun670 - Mia
It is a pleasant site with complete descriptions.
The telephone service is always very pleasant to ask for personalized advice: indeed, we have booked for 7 years now and have always been very satisfied.

Philippe - 2017-09-05
SIL405 - Del sol
Yes, we are satisfied with the site and the reaction in the exchanges.

Jean-michel - 2017-09-04
COMTC19 - Janna
Excellent service, fast and responsive. Well-written and clear ads. Beware, however, of the reality of the availability: discrepancies between the site and the real.

Jerome - 2017-09-04
ita645 - Francesca
Very good service of Villa du Monde and especially no waiting during the phone calls: it is paramount, bravo for this responsiveness.

Didier - 2017-09-04
SUN650 - Galice
Nothing to add. All OK.

Yves - 2017-09-04
SUN827 - Viena
This is the first time we have used Villas du Monde and we will do it again as we were delighted. Unfortunately, people tend to share the negative and not the positive but when everything has been perfect it must also be said.

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